November Updates – CD Available Now!

Hey Guys!

Man, talk about a “Blog Hiatus” eh? I wish I could say that the hiatus was due to us touring the World, but we all know very well that you can write blogs from anywhere!

In reality, we’ve been working on new material! After all we have at least another 2 albums we need to deliver for you guys to complete this story!

In case you haven’t picked up your copy of Forty Days at Sea, you can get it Here. You can also get the digital version as well from Bandcamp, but look how cool the physical CD looks! Imagine this sitting on your shelf! or tucked away in the Glove Box of your car! If you’re anything like me, you see the pictures below of the plastic wrap and have the biggest urge and craving to rip it off! There’s just something about Easily-Accessible plastic wrapping! 




BUT…if you are all about the Digital Library, we have you covered! As mentioned earlier, you can get a digital download via Bandcamp, and now…..(drumroll) you can also get Forty Days at Sea on iTUNES! Oh ya!!!! So, either way, you Digital Junkies can still enjoy your newest Favourite Concept Album within the confines of your own personal audio experience!

Lets see, what other Goodies do we have for ya…Oh! We’ve had some great feedback and a couple reviews come in on the new Album. Here are a couple spots where you can find some of our most recently published reviews:


Coming up tomorrow is Thanksgiving for our friends down in the United States, so we wish them a safe and happy holiday weekend and we hope they stuff themselves with Turkey and all the good stuff that goes with Turkey Day!

If you are in the London area, be sure to come by APK Live tomorrow night, where we will be playing a set and sharing the stage with our friends The Bloody Diamonds, who are making the trek all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia! Long way to go, but we’re looking forward to rocking out with them!

We’ll talk to you soon, in the meantime, keep rocking out and please continue to support independent music! Thank you so much!





Ladies and Gentlemen, 


That’s right, the day has FINALLY come! Forty Days at Sea is no longer in Recording, or Production, or Post-Production, it is Alive and Amongst us!

So for all you Progressive Rock fans, get your Ears on this! Forty Days at Sea will take you on a Journey of Ambient Melodies, “Deep Tissue” Feeling Riffs, Pounding Drums, Soaring Vocal Harmonies, all mixed into a soundscape to play in one seamless music experience! Now who doesn’t want to jump on that boat?

If you want to hear this Beast, please see our Bandcamp site, where you can hear each song individually. If it is up to your liking, please Buy the album! We have digital copies available for Download for $10, and Hard copies available for $12.


If you wish to hear the whole album in it’s natural “seamless” experience, we have put the whole album for STREAMING on our YouTube page.

Sure it’s probably easy to download, but please remember, we don’t have a Record Label, so no one is guaranteeing that we are able to make another album! The only way we’ll be able to keep telling this story and keep putting out music is if we can can sell copies of this! Due to the nature of our music, and the fact it was written AS AN ALBUM, not per song, we felt that it needed to be available for people to listen too in it’s natural state. So if you do like it and wish to hear it again, please consider picking it up. I promise it’ll be in MUCH BETTER QUALITY, and you can help us continue to do what we love to do!


Thank you everyone, and we hope you enjoy FORTY DAYS AT SEA!







Hey Guys,

The time has finally come! We have released our very first single from the upcoming Forty Days at Sea Album. It is entitled “VII”. For those of you who aren’t strong with your Roman Numerals, it is Seven.

Why did we call it VII? Especially when it appears as Track No.9 on the Album? Well, that is for you to figure out! As with everything, there are meanings behind it, and sometimes you may that there are multiple meanings behind something, so why spoil the fun and tell you! Rather, we’ll let your Beautiful Mind go to work! Plus, you could be right!

For those of you who wish a more literal sense, with VII and with any of our songs, feel free to check out our STORY page on our New Website. We give you brief synopsis’ of every one of the songs…you know, to get you started! We don’t give away everything, because honestly, it’s not as much fun when the picture is completely painted! We give you some nice lead in’s, but as you listen to the songs, you might develop a certain vision of what is taking place, and why take that away? Your imaginations are key to this story!

Thanks as always guys, and we hope you enjoy VII! The Album is to be Officially Released on Tues, September 24th, so we’re just counting down the days now! We can’t wait for you to hear it!

CD Release Party Announced!

Hey Friends,

We have new news! Now that our final tracks for Forty Days at Sea have been fully mixed and sent off for Mastering at Beach Road Studios by audio guru Siegfried Meier, we can now announce that we are having a CD RELEASE PARTY!

Now, you have to understand, this is going to be a pretty big party for us because this show is 4 Years in the Making! Crazy eh? Due to the nature of our content and our style of music we have really taken our time to get it exactly how we want! With that said, we’ve played a lot of shows and met a lot of great people in the meantime who have been incredibly patient and understanding with us, so this is a happy moment for us, and we hope to celebrate with as many of you as we can!

For all you internet savvy individuals, check out this link below via our Facebook account!

For those of you who would rather read this blog and not get trapped up in the masses of social media, we hear ya! Here are the short form details!

WHEN: Friday, September 27, 2013

WHERE: London Indie Underground – 538 Adelaide St N, London, ON

TIME: Show runs 8pm-11pm (Doors open at 7pm)


COST: “Pay-what-you-can” – with a Recommended Donation of $5, but not Required

AGE: 19+

ALCOHOL:BYOB!. Get your drinks tagged at the bar and your Alcohol gets stored in fridges. Bartenders can grab you one of your cold ones whenever you want throughout the night. No cost. Beer Store is right next door to venue! Tipping is appreciated 🙂

For those of you who pre-ordered, the CD and digital download will be released to you on Tuesday, September 24th. The official CD release will be September 27th at our show and on our Bandcamp site, both physically and Digitally!

We will have a Full album stream also available for those who wish to hear it before you buy!

So lots of exciting news! We hope you guys enjoy the album as much as we do! It’s a pretty amazing realization to actually hear your vision come to life, and in fantastic quality! We didn’t skimp on this album! We put everything we wanted into it and it really shows!

See you soon!

New WEBSITE Layout!

Hey all,

Just writing to update you on our website. We’ve had our website ( up and running for a couple years now…but we can all agree it hasn’t lived up to the potential it could have! So, I’ve been playing with a number of different self-built templates along the way, learning as I go…but I think I’m getting closer!

I’m currently in the building phase of the new layout, and it’s looking pretty awesome so far (at least to us!)

Check it out:


So, as you can see, very Forty Days at Sea themed…as it should be! This will also give all of you a first glance at the other half of the album art, which will be found on our back album cover! The background of the website is a merge between the front and the back, which up until now will only be featured here! That may change in the future, we’ll see!

Hope you enjoy the tease, and stay tuned for notification when the whole site will be re-launched! It’ll be fairly soon too!

Until then,

Kyle Alexander

Album of the week – Junius – Reports from the Threshold of Death

Album of the Week

Ivan's Blog

This progressive album continues on the concepts of the first album “Martyrdom of a Catastophist” but without the narrative dialogue of the first album. I’ve been listening to this album for a couple of years now and it always makes me feel spiritual inside in a non religious way. I had the fortune of going to see them live in Toronto and they put on a wonderful show. The band has such a unique sound.  This album to me can be best described as haunting, pensive, and strangely beautiful.

You can listen to the full album here




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Let me tell you, we’re feeling pretty tired, Why you ask? Cause the CD IS ALMOST DONE!

That’s right Folks! It’s been (what seems like) a long journey, but in reality it’s been about 4 months of in and out of the studio! Last night we just finished our second full session of backup vocals, which let me tell you, will blow your mind! It’s absolutely amazing how much backing vocals and just added vocal effects can do to the atmosphere and the overall feel of an album, it blew OUR minds, so we know, hands down…your minds will be blown too!

Because we only have a few more sessions left (once backup vocals are done, the recording process is COMPLETE!) and then it’s off to the genius minds to do their thing, editing, mixing and mastering!

We are very excited about this because we will finally be able to start telling our tale of our Trilogy, starting with Forty Days at Sea!

Forty Days at Sea, btw, is actually not the first part in our story, it is in fact Part II of the story! We figured that to start you guys off we wanted to put you right in the action instead of start you from the beginning, it’s our own twist of humor to confuse you all, mu hahaha! The plan after the Forty Days at Sea release is to actually take you back to the beginning of the story, Part I (this way you’ll already be familiar with some characters, and it saves us some album time from doing numerous flashbacks throughout the story), before finishing off the trilogy with Part III further down the road!

So we have a lot on the go, but a very exciting time for us and those who follow us and follow our story! We promise our tale will be filled with plenty of twists, turns, emotion, character development, underlying messages, themes and of course, a killer soundtrack!

If you are interested in pre-ordering Forty Days at Sea (either physical or digital), our Merch Store is now OPEN! (click the word OPEN and it will take you right to the store…like a magical wormhole) We also have a Tshirt design and some other cool knick knacks to check out too, so please stop by!

In the meantime, we’ll get back to work, please follow this blog, we’ll have plenty of new, fresh content to present…and of course, updates, updates, updates! You take care and remember, just because we don’t live inside dreams doesn’t mean we can’t live our dreams!