Ladies and Gentlemen, 


That’s right, the day has FINALLY come! Forty Days at Sea is no longer in Recording, or Production, or Post-Production, it is Alive and Amongst us!

So for all you Progressive Rock fans, get your Ears on this! Forty Days at Sea will take you on a Journey of Ambient Melodies, “Deep Tissue” Feeling Riffs, Pounding Drums, Soaring Vocal Harmonies, all mixed into a soundscape to play in one seamless music experience! Now who doesn’t want to jump on that boat?

If you want to hear this Beast, please see our Bandcamp site, where you can hear each song individually. If it is up to your liking, please Buy the album! We have digital copies available for Download for $10, and Hard copies available for $12.


If you wish to hear the whole album in it’s natural “seamless” experience, we have put the whole album for STREAMING on our YouTube page.

Sure it’s probably easy to download, but please remember, we don’t have a Record Label, so no one is guaranteeing that we are able to make another album! The only way we’ll be able to keep telling this story and keep putting out music is if we can can sell copies of this! Due to the nature of our music, and the fact it was written AS AN ALBUM, not per song, we felt that it needed to be available for people to listen too in it’s natural state. So if you do like it and wish to hear it again, please consider picking it up. I promise it’ll be in MUCH BETTER QUALITY, and you can help us continue to do what we love to do!


Thank you everyone, and we hope you enjoy FORTY DAYS AT SEA!






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