November Updates – CD Available Now!

Hey Guys!

Man, talk about a “Blog Hiatus” eh? I wish I could say that the hiatus was due to us touring the World, but we all know very well that you can write blogs from anywhere!

In reality, we’ve been working on new material! After all we have at least another 2 albums we need to deliver for you guys to complete this story!

In case you haven’t picked up your copy of Forty Days at Sea, you can get it Here. You can also get the digital version as well from Bandcamp, but look how cool the physical CD looks! Imagine this sitting on your shelf! or tucked away in the Glove Box of your car! If you’re anything like me, you see the pictures below of the plastic wrap and have the biggest urge and craving to rip it off! There’s just something about Easily-Accessible plastic wrapping! 




BUT…if you are all about the Digital Library, we have you covered! As mentioned earlier, you can get a digital download via Bandcamp, and now…..(drumroll) you can also get Forty Days at Sea on iTUNES! Oh ya!!!! So, either way, you Digital Junkies can still enjoy your newest Favourite Concept Album within the confines of your own personal audio experience!

Lets see, what other Goodies do we have for ya…Oh! We’ve had some great feedback and a couple reviews come in on the new Album. Here are a couple spots where you can find some of our most recently published reviews:


Coming up tomorrow is Thanksgiving for our friends down in the United States, so we wish them a safe and happy holiday weekend and we hope they stuff themselves with Turkey and all the good stuff that goes with Turkey Day!

If you are in the London area, be sure to come by APK Live tomorrow night, where we will be playing a set and sharing the stage with our friends The Bloody Diamonds, who are making the trek all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia! Long way to go, but we’re looking forward to rocking out with them!

We’ll talk to you soon, in the meantime, keep rocking out and please continue to support independent music! Thank you so much!




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