New WEBSITE Layout!

Hey all,

Just writing to update you on our website. We’ve had our website ( up and running for a couple years now…but we can all agree it hasn’t lived up to the potential it could have! So, I’ve been playing with a number of different self-built templates along the way, learning as I go…but I think I’m getting closer!

I’m currently in the building phase of the new layout, and it’s looking pretty awesome so far (at least to us!)

Check it out:


So, as you can see, very Forty Days at Sea themed…as it should be! This will also give all of you a first glance at the other half of the album art, which will be found on our back album cover! The background of the website is a merge between the front and the back, which up until now will only be featured here! That may change in the future, we’ll see!

Hope you enjoy the tease, and stay tuned for notification when the whole site will be re-launched! It’ll be fairly soon too!

Until then,

Kyle Alexander