Hey Guys,

The time has finally come! We have released our very first single from the upcoming Forty Days at Sea Album. It is entitled “VII”. For those of you who aren’t strong with your Roman Numerals, it is Seven.

Why did we call it VII? Especially when it appears as Track No.9 on the Album? Well, that is for you to figure out! As with everything, there are meanings behind it, and sometimes you may that there are multiple meanings behind something, so why spoil the fun and tell you! Rather, we’ll let your Beautiful Mind go to work! Plus, you could be right!

For those of you who wish a more literal sense, with VII and with any of our songs, feel free to check out our STORY page on our New Website. We give you brief synopsis’ of every one of the songs…you know, to get you started! We don’t give away everything, because honestly, it’s not as much fun when the picture is completely painted! We give you some nice lead in’s, but as you listen to the songs, you might develop a certain vision of what is taking place, and why take that away? Your imaginations are key to this story!

Thanks as always guys, and we hope you enjoy VII! The Album is to be Officially Released on Tues, September 24th, so we’re just counting down the days now! We can’t wait for you to hear it!