Let me tell you, we’re feeling pretty tired, Why you ask? Cause the CD IS ALMOST DONE!

That’s right Folks! It’s been (what seems like) a long journey, but in reality it’s been about 4 months of in and out of the studio! Last night we just finished our second full session of backup vocals, which let me tell you, will blow your mind! It’s absolutely amazing how much backing vocals and just added vocal effects can do to the atmosphere and the overall feel of an album, it blew OUR minds, so we know, hands down…your minds will be blown too!

Because we only have a few more sessions left (once backup vocals are done, the recording process is COMPLETE!) and then it’s off to the genius minds to do their thing, editing, mixing and mastering!

We are very excited about this because we will finally be able to start telling our tale of our Trilogy, starting with Forty Days at Sea!

Forty Days at Sea, btw, is actually not the first part in our story, it is in fact Part II of the story! We figured that to start you guys off we wanted to put you right in the action instead of start you from the beginning, it’s our own twist of humor to confuse you all, mu hahaha! The plan after the Forty Days at Sea release is to actually take you back to the beginning of the story, Part I (this way you’ll already be familiar with some characters, and it saves us some album time from doing numerous flashbacks throughout the story), before finishing off the trilogy with Part III further down the road!

So we have a lot on the go, but a very exciting time for us and those who follow us and follow our story! We promise our tale will be filled with plenty of twists, turns, emotion, character development, underlying messages, themes and of course, a killer soundtrack!

If you are interested in pre-ordering Forty Days at Sea (either physical or digital), our Merch Store is now OPEN! (click the word OPEN and it will take you right to the store…like a magical wormhole) We also have a Tshirt design and some other cool knick knacks to check out too, so please stop by!

In the meantime, we’ll get back to work, please follow this blog, we’ll have plenty of new, fresh content to present…and of course, updates, updates, updates! You take care and remember, just because we don’t live inside dreams doesn’t mean we can’t live our dreams!